The earth is my temple 🌿🌼🌻 The earth is my temple 🌿🌼🌻
Anonymous said : What does it mean to be all natural? What's different about your lifestyle then most other peoples? 

I’m not ~all natural~ yet
I still wear makeup sometimes, I still go out to eat, and eat chips and candy. I don’t grow my own veggies just yet (upset at this) and I still use items made by big companies that contain chemicals.
BUT I decided to stop shaving for the most part, I wear less makeup and am trying to be comfortable with myself in my natural state. I’m vegan and want to grow my own food. I want to start making my own beauty products and grow my own herbs. I want to use natural products instead of supporting large companies. I want to be close to Mother Nature and use all she has to offer me in an environmentally friendly way. I want to accomplish this in my lifetime, preferably as soon as possible! Every little change is a step in the right direction :)

Anonymous said : since you are all natural, which I admire sooo much, what do you use when it's that time of the month? 

I use tampons because I don’t feel comfortable wearing pads. I also use midol because my cramps are really bad. I don’t really know of any other alternatives or have looked into it???
I know companies sell more natural products