The earth is my temple 🌿🌼🌻 The earth is my temple 🌿🌼🌻
Anonymous said : do you consider yourself to be a witch? 

Not not yet, but in the near future. I’m still relatively new to wicca. it would be kinda arrogant for me to go around sayin I’m a witch when I haven’t been practicing for long! :) 

Anonymous said : Have you ever tried using vegetable oils to help with skin? My scars and pimples fade super quick. Apparently the theory is that our bodies produce too much oil since we wash it off everyday(or however often you shower) and that's what causes some breakouts. It also works wonders on stretched lobes, so soothing. Should give it a try lol 

Well the soaps I use for my face have vegetable oil! :) 

So I have really sensitive breakout prone skin and I struggle with finding really good products and soaps to wash my face with. I was sent soaps from Bloom Boutique and it really has helped my skin. At first I was reluctant to try it out, but I’m so glad I’ve been using it instead of my old soap and I will definitely be purchasing again once I run out. My acne scars are fading and I really haven’t broken out since using it. It makes my skin soft compared to soaps I usually get at whole foods that leave my face feeling dry. The soaps are vegan and natural. So far I’ve been using the lavender soap daily :) I really suggest trying them out!!

melchizedekspirit said : Hi sweetie! I just want to ask you how does feature points works? How do you exchange points for money? Tank you! Have a lovely day! 

You download the apps it has available at the moment and leave them open for 30 seconds - 1 minute and sometimes you have to complete tutorials to get points. The fastest and easiest way to get points is to have people use your referral code to sign up :)

As soon as you get a certain number of points you go to the rewards section, click on whatever you want and it’ll tell you what to do from there. I’ve only ever redeemed money. It sends the money to my paypal account (must make sure your email is the same as the one used with paypal) and it sends you the money usually instantly.. Sometimes it takes a day if you do it on Sunday. And that’s pretty much it! I think I read something about spending the money you receive within a certain amount of days or it won’t be valid anymore? But other than that it’s very easy and I’ve had friends and followers make some $$ and get free stuff from it.

"they called her witch because she knew how to heal herself."